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PLEASE NOTE THAT WITH EFFECT FROM 1 AUGUST 2020 LOUIS VUITTON Authentication Fee for items year 2015 to current is increased to £12/$15/14 Euro. Louis Vuitton Items older than 2015 are charged at the Standard Fee of £5/$7.50/7 Euro

This is an important notice. We have just received a copy of a PDF which shows an authentication of an item which we have NOT authenticated. The PDF has been 'hacked'. It has been 'lifted' from one of our clients listings, and then used to sell an item. At present, we are not aware as to whether there are further incidences of this - we have had this happen in the past. PDF's are 'locked' but can be 'hacked' if someone wants to. Its as simple as a 'scammer' will do this to ensure their item appears legitimate. Please ensure that if you are offered an item which is alleged to have been authenticated by us that you contact us and ask for confirmation. That way - you keep yourselves safe. Once I have further details of this issue we will take steps to deal with the person concerned. DO NOT be under any illusion - people will try any trick they can. DO NOT be under any illusion - we will take legal action against anyone we find using our documents to peddle fake items. That is FACT.

Please ensure that ALL communication is directed to the following email address, which is equipped with a large capacity facility to ensure ALL photos and requests are received without issue -

Payment procedures on the website have been disabled. Payments can be made to


Our office hours are as follows

Monday - Friday (inclusive. 09.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.)

Saturday and Sunday - We are open, but our hours are not fixed. Generally at weekends our office hours are 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Our telephone number 01592 806408 or international + 44 1592 806408 can be used, but PLEASE ensure that if doing so, calls are made between the hours of 09.30 a.m and 5.00 p.m. Outwith these hours - calls will be diverted to voicemail. Please leave a message and we will call back - at our expense - we are happy to do so. All times are shown in BRITISH SUMMER TIME.

Please check the time prior to calling - we are based in the UK and may be in a different time zone.

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