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Designerprivee - our new Services.

Here at we understand that sometimes its not possible to find that 'item of your dreams' you may have missed out, and it is no longer available, or you may not have access due to store restrictions. We are here to help. You can find that item on your 'Lust List' from the comfort of your home. We have a dedicated team who will source that item for you - without any hard work on your part. We have access to Design Brand items, from a loyal clientele, including high end consigners and private individuals. All authentic and waiting for you! Why wait - you know you want to!

Our Provider Fees are as follows

Flat Fee is payable upon commissioning our Service -

£25.00 UK Pounds Sterling/$40.00 USD (Non-Hermes)

£50.00 UK Pounds Sterling/$80.00 USD (Hermes and Jewellery)

We will provide high quality photos of the item(s) for your consideration. No high pressure sales, no rush decisions - you can make your own mind up in your own time. You will have a 72 hour 'Make Your Mind up' time. You can make the decision to purchase, or you can negate the item. For our Flat Fee - we will provide a maximum of 2 items for your consideration. These items will have been authenticated by our team prior to your consideration.

For items Provided and Purchased our Final Provision Fee is 5% of the Purchase Price.

ALL items will be provided with a Statement of Authenticity.

What more can you ask for? All from the comfort of your own home. No rush hour traffic, no parking meters/tickets. No jostling with the crowds. We do the work, you gain the benefits.

Contact our team with your requirements on

You'll be glad you did!

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