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Authentication - vs Store Opinion

We have received a comment via our Form Submission by someone who is unhappy that we determined an item as fake when this person states she sold it and it was authentic. Given that we provide a high number of authentications, I'm not able to comment with regard to the item - as I have no information. The poster did not leave any name or contact - and merely a long message of disparaging comments about our Authenticators. The point was made that Stores won't give opinion - and that is correct. They won't. The reason? Sales Associates are NOT qualified or experienced enough to give opinion on authenticity. They are trained to sell, they are not versed in authentication. It is perfectly possible to authenticate via high quality photos - and we ensure that we provide a quality Service. Our Authenticators only authentic ONE Design Brand - not multiple Brands. The poster went on to say that we are no better than those who produce fakes, except we have a 'pretty' website and hide behind a ridiculous name. 

In fact we do not hide behind a ridiculous name - we are a bona fide Service, and whilst one can accept that not everyone may want to use our Service, nor need to - disparaging comments are something which a Service will always receive.

We DO NOT condone fakes, and our Authentications ARE based on opinion - and there is always a margin for error - less than 1% .

We would also point out that we have been the subject of fake documentation - i.e., and therefore would always stress that if anyone is given a document from us - that they ensure they check with us as to whether we have indeed prepared it. 

We do - of course - offer 'In House' Authentication - and are happy to undertake that at any time. If at any time a Claim is submitted and for instance PayPal are not happy - they are well able to contact the Authentication Service - of which there are a number - in order that they ensure that the documentation is solid. The bottomline - we authenticate, we do carry out 'due diligence' we ensure, as much as is humanly possible, that the client is telling the truth, but we DO NOT ever make the final decision on a Claim - that is down to whichever party the Claim is submitted to.

That is something which everyone should be mindful of. The decision is outwith our hands, the buyers hands and the sellers hands. The decision rests on whatever information is presented in the Claim - and there is nothing whatsoever to stop a seller providing authentication in their documentation - Claims are settled or not, outwith our control.

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