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Sellers who are worried!


We were asked today - 'Are your authentications guaranteed?' Our reply - as with everything in life - NOTHING is completely guaranteed. However, we would like to point out that each of our Design Associates has years of experience, have in most cases, a large collection of their chosen Design Brand, and several others! Are very much ANTI-FAKE, and as such - we have the utmost confidence in their abilities.

Authentication by photographs IS possible, and that is why when we receive a request for authentication/evaluation, we ensure that we are given the BEST photos possible, taken in good natural light, and showing each and every one of the important points of the item - We may seem anal at times - but it is this which ensures that we are giving the best Service possible. The photos are our 'eyes'.

If a client buys from an auction listing, there are clearly photos of the item included. However, clients must bear in mind that the item they receive may NOT be the one in those listing photos. Likewise - the listing photos may show the item to be a fake, without question - irrespective of what the seller says/thinks/instills upon you. Sellers need to be aware that when a buyer receives an item - and thinks it is fake, they have a right to question that. Its at that point we generally find we are contacted. We ensure that we check each item very very carefully, and what we don't expect is for a seller to say about our Services  'they can't guarantee their authentications/evaluations by photos only'. That is NOT the case - and specifically not when the item is a very obvious fake.

Our Service is professional and sound, and if required, we are happy to assist with an 'in house' authentcation.

We are gaining a very good reputation worldwide, with PayPal recommending us. 

Therefore - as said - nothing in life is every totally guaranteed - but our Design Associates are of the highest calibre, and as such, will only ever authenticate an item when they are sure that it is authentic. Fakes are fakes - and some are 'no brainers', some are good and some are superfakes. However - sellers need to be aware that by intimidating buyers - they really do themselves little favour - and it will certainly NOT turn a fake bag into authentic. We rather feel that sellers should keep their own houses in order. Sell fake - you MAY be caught out - depends on your buyer - but if your item IS fake - then if we, at are asked for an evaluation - you can bet your life - we'll spot it.

Girls - keep yourselves safe - authenticate prior to purchase - and alleviate dealing with problems later.

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