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Fake Documents

This is an important notice. We have just received a copy of a PDF which shows an authentication of an item which we have NOT authenticated. The PDF has been 'hacked'. It has been 'lifted' from one of our clients listings, and then used to sell an item. At present, we are not aware as to whether there are further incidences of this - we have had this happen in the past. PDF's are 'locked' but can be 'hacked' if someone wants to. Its as simple as a 'scammer' will do this to ensure their item appears legitimate. Please ensure that if you are offered an item which is alleged to have been authenticated by us that you contact us and ask for confirmation. That way - you keep yourselves safe. Once I have further details of this issue we will take steps to deal with the person concerned. DO NOT be under any illusion - people will try any trick they can. DO NOT be under any illusion - we will take legal action against anyone we find using our documents to peddle fake items. That is FACT.

Authentication - vs Store Opinion

We have received a comment via our Form Submission by someone who is unhappy that we determined an item as fake when this person states she sold it and it was authentic. Given that we provide a high number of authentications, I'm not able to comment with regard to the item - as I have no information. The poster did not leave any name or contact - and merely a long message of disparaging comments about our Authenticators. The point was made that Stores won't give opinion - and that is correct.

Celine Buyers Beware

There is a seller based in Germany who is offering a Celine Trapeze which they state has been authenticated by

This is NOT the case. We have, in fact, advised the seller that we believe the item to be fake. Therefore please be made aware - this seller is not telling the truth, and please be made aware - we have NOT authenticated this item.

Stay Safe. IF you find a seller who states have authenticated their item - please feel free to check this with us - we are happy to help.


DESIGNERPRIVEE has launched!
Our new Service - Are you looking for a'must have'or'Lust List'item? Are you unable to find this,  either due to time constraints or store constraints. The item is old? Its out of style? Its 'so last year'? Well - we can help!
With our contacts  via our clients - high end consigners, resellers, stores, and private individuals we can help. You tell us your requirements and we do the work. Your'Lust List'item may be closer than you think.



It has come to our attention that a Seller on eBay has provided shabby pieces of paper for 2 Chanel items which he has sold, which letter(s) state that Authenticate4you and/or Authenticate4U have authenticated these items, the letter stating that the item  'has been inspected by our team of experts here at Authenticate4you and has successfully passed our inspection as a Chanel piece. This bag is authentic and original'.

In BOTH of these cases have NOT inspected, nor authenticated.

Location, Location, Location

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION - its an important word, and its one which needs clarifications. are located - physically - in the United Kingdom. Thats our base. Our Design Associates (authenticators) are located worldwide.

We like nothing better than speaking with our clients, and are happy to receive phone calls, with questions, concerns, as its a great way to find out about our clients, and they can likewise find out about us and our Services.

However, its important that if telephoning, clients are aware that there may well be a time-zone difference.

New Design Brand Authenticators join our team!

We would like to announce that we now have specialist Authenticators in the following additional Design Brands -

Dooney & Bourke
Kate Spade

We are very pleased to welcome our new girls to our team, and its great to have them 'on board'.

We welcome suggestions from clients/public as to further Design Brands of interest.

Thank you for choosing


The following is posted on an eBay review/guide by a seller who is irked because one of our Design Associates deemed a bag she was selling - fake.

DO NOT USE "" as they are a brand new UNreputable website that has not established a solid reputation and believe the authenticators (qualified or not) are also the same tPF members that suggest using them.  There are other legitimate websites who give honest evaluations like the ones listed above who are NOT found to be affiliated with tPF members which makes them ebay/paypal qualified to give their opinion.

Contract of Service

I'd like to point out a few things with regard to our Contract of Service.

When a client contacts us and requires a Service, they are required to pay in advance. Once this is received, along with the relevant information and photos, we set to work by collating the details and sending to our appropriate Design Associate.

We have, unfortunately, found that one of our Design Associates has been admitted to hospital very unexpectedly and is undergoing surgery. We wish her well. However, given this, its rather difficult for her to evaluate any items at present.

Its the time of year for ...... sunglasses!

Well, the fakers are 'out in force' and now posting on our Blog. I'd like to thank them SO much - and remind them that the selling of counterfeits is illegal, irrespective of whichever country you live in.

The post (now removed) reminds me - at this time of year, many buyers are looking to add a nice new pair of sunglasses to their summer wardrobe. Do please take care, as the market in counterfeit sunglasses is large. ALL Design Brands are affected, and so please make sure you buy from a reputable source.